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UX/IxD Designer

Working in the defense industry allows me to always be out in the front, exploring brand-new problem spaces and figuring out how to build it. Currently, I am responsible for leading design on both conceptual projects and legacy product redesigns for the department of defense.

At PSE, I dabble in a wide range of design disciplines: information architecture, ideation, interaction design, prototyping, visual design and sometimes even user research. I have gained a great understanding of what makes an experience good or bad. I've learned to think through user problems, find MVP and the ultimate solutions, mock them up in detail and work with engineers to build them.

Here are some of the highlights so far:

* Due to the nature of the industry, many of my projects are classified or under NDA.

Project: My Navy Portal

Public Landing Page

In order to access the Navy's Portal, users must have a CAC (Common Access Card). In order to accommodate users who don't have a card, a public landing page was created as a splash screen. Below are screenshots of the initial implementation. After conducting user research with users in the fleet, I created multiple designs. Through many iterations and user feedback, the final one was created.

Design Process

Due to time constraints, we did our best to validate user needs by interviewing navy personell.

We realized that there were two major pain points when it comes to navy resources.

Mockup Iterations

The Result

Based on our user input, we realized that we needed to include the most frequently used websites on our spalsh page so users don't need to go hunting for a site they're looking for. We also wanted a way to indicate to the user whether a system requires a CAC card or not. And of those that require a CAC log in, we wanted to inform the users of which type of log in is required. This way the user doesn't have to commit this information to memory. We decided to display lock icons for those sites that require a CAC log in and deferentiated the login's with a E for Email login, and left the regular login blank.