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Pacific Brewing Company's website redesign was a project created through my Advanced Cognitive Aspects of Multimedia Design course taught by Professor David Kirsh. As a team of three, we found a local brewery who gave us the opportunity to redesign their webpage.

Design Process

I participated in user research, conducted competitive analysis and created user personas in order to better understand the clients' user needs. As a final result, we designed both low and high fidelity prototypes and then built and coded the final website for the client.

User Research and Personas

We began the design process by interviewing our client and potential users. We concluded that our target audiences for our website were beer enthusiasts (beer snobs), social drinkers, and business partners. Based on the research, we proceeded to create personas for each character after interviewing users.

Competitive Analysis and Information Architecture

While we talked to users, we also started to look at the competitors locally and nation wide. We analyzed each site's visual asthetics, structure, as well as their content.

Wireframes, Briefs and Prototypes

We created many versions of wireframes and prototypes. We started out by sketching out ideas, then translating them to black and white scaled wireframes. And once we received feedback, we iterated and then added in the visual elements. We also created a brief to explain our design decisions. And finally, we coded up our prototype and deployed it on heroku.

The Result

Live Demo

Pacific Brewing Company is the newest brewery in San Diego and we wanted to give its website a refresh so that it directly reflects the quality and brand of their brew and company. With a clean and responsive one page layout, users can get a comprehensive view of the entire company and what it has to offer.

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