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UX/IxD Designer is an event registration startup located in San Diego. I worked on designing features that benefited event organizers with tools to manage, market and monetize their events as well as creating new experiences for event goers to discover their interests.

In my time at, my work included:

Project: Get Movin' Crew

Increasing efficiency for school fundraisers

The Get Movin’ Crew (TGMC) is an online event fundraising platform for schools who are organizing school fundraisers. Up until 2015, the platform was convoluted and non-responsive.

The PM approached us with documents full of business requirements and client needs. The platform was outdated and the biggest problem was that it was not responsive. Knowing that the main users of the platform (parents, family and friends) are the ones on the go, the platform needed to perform well on a mobile/tablet device. Through their research, 70% of users were on a mobile device accessing the platform.

We realized we needed to:

Design Process

Due to time constraints, we did our best to validate the client and pm’s assumptions by interviewing parents and conducting competitive analysis between the current platform and other similar platforms.

From there, we decided to take a look at the current implementation. From the flow of landing onto a specific students page and then being able to access the school, and other pages, there was no way of linking back to the student page. The privacy of the individuals student page is very important, so this is where we decided that it was important to show a breadcrumb navigationn showing the pages that the user has been navigating through.

After we created the wireframe, we presented it to our PM. We wanted to check if our design was something that the development team would be able to implement. Another challenge for this project was that the developers had been working on the site long before the UX team was brought in for input. As a result, we wanted to make sure that our design changes would collaborate well with what the developers have been working on without compromising too much from the user experience perspective.

Once we got the approval, we started building out higher fidelity prototypes. Throughout the process, we consistently checked in with the client, PM and the developers to insure that timelines were met and their our designs satisfied the needs of both our users and clients.

The Result

As a result, we were able to transforming a non-responsive online event fundraising platform into a user-centered experience resulting in a 80% growth in online pledges. We expect a huge growth in online pledges for Fall 2015 and on track for 100% more clients than Fall 2014 with 80% retention rates. Three-year growth rate consistent at 50-70% YOY.

We were able to update the look and feel of the main consumer facing pages which included the Student, School, Classroom, Donation and Dashboard. We designed a dashboard for organizers and created a database that would better collect donor contact information. This allowed schools to better connect and engage with donors. Instead of having to sort through spreadsheets, admin users at the schools could now log-in and see each donation by fundraiser and determine which classroom was leading in terms of collecting pledges. This alone saved organizers and schools an incredible amount of time.

With the redesign, it also enabled students to share and therefore, create additional awareness around their personal fundraising campaigns with family and friends.

“ launched us to a level that we would have never imagined….the school can see all of their data in real-time.”

- Client