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Hello, I'm Cindy Chen!

I’m a UX designer who loves finding creative solutions to open-ended problems.

I currently work as an UX designer for Lytx, a video telematics and safety management company based in San Diego.

I thrive in an environment of continuous innovation, especially among teams, and fluently bridge technical, design, and business disciplines. I help transform product and business needs into user-friendly and intuitive product experiences.

I was born in Colorado but spent my adolescence alternating between living in the suburbs of the Bay Area and the busy, bustling city of Shanghai. My background in Cognitive Science (Human-Computer Interaction) from UC San Diego, has allowed me to better understand people’s behaviors and interactions with technology today. My favorite part of being a designer is being able to take complex tasks and transform them into innovative, intuitive and simple user experiences. I work fast, listen and adapt.

I enjoy candles, loose leaf tea, fish tacos, collecting passport stamps (17 countries and counting!), breathtaking horizons, and hot yoga.

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